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Embracing Change as a Catalyst for Personal Development All the clients with whom I have worked with so far, share a common denominator. After the third or fourth coaching session they confess that somehow looking into themselves makes them feel uneasy and uncomfortable. Indeed, I know this feeling only too well, having experienced it myself … Read more


Turning challenges into opportunities One powerful phrase, “Think well, live well”, that I have adopted as my mantra, derives from Jo Owen’s brilliant book, “Resilience, 10 habits to thrive in life and work”. This book helped me understand that the quality of our thoughts will determine our reality. For that reason, cultivating positive thoughts helps … Read more


Are you currently in your dream job? I hope you are nodding right now. But if you’re not, that is absolutely okay and I hope this article helps you gain some perspective. Here is a sobering statistic: in the US, most people spend on average 90,000 hours working over the course of their career. Given … Read more


When you think about productivity, what comes to mind? Perhaps it’s getting more done in less time, or finding ways to achieve better results with fewer resources. It could be figuring out process improvements to save time and money. You may even consider improving your outputs so you can achieve more goals. Actually, productivity is … Read more

Shifting our perception toward conflict: Don’t run away, run toward it Are conflicts really a negative thing? Or should we change the way we perceive them? As far as I am concerned problems are inevitable and are part of our everyday life. As the philosopher Karl Popper states: “All life is problem-solving.” Following Popper’s line … Read more


In every aspect of life, professional and personal, assertive communication is important to success and happiness. Communication is a major concern for us all and it is in our best interest to master this skill, in order to be more effective, productive, and constructive, to avoid stress and to improve our relationships. Being assertive is … Read more

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Start with Yourself Self-confidence is more than just feeling good in your own skin. Self-confidence is an attractive skill to possess. We all want to feel confident, because self-confidence is linked to almost every aspect involved in a happy life. Self-confidence not only affects you, but the people around you. Self-confidence is the basis of … Read more

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Powerful questions that help you find your why and craft a career that lights your fire “What lights you up?” Is probably the question I most ask my clients when we start working together. Many of us can agree with Tony Robbins when he stated in his book “Awaken the Giant Within”, that “the quality … Read more