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From Change-Averse to Change-Agent: Two Ends of the Spectrum

Embracing Change as a Catalyst for Personal Development All the clients with whom I have worked with so far, share a common denominator. After the third or fourth coaching session ... Read more


Resilience: Designing Today’s Workforce

Turning challenges into opportunities One powerful phrase, “Think well, live well”, that I have adopted as my mantra, derives from Jo Owen’s brilliant book, “Resilience, 10 habits to thrive in ... Read more


Find your lane: discovering your Zone of Genius

Are you currently in your dream job? I hope you are nodding right now. But if you’re not, that is absolutely okay and I hope this article helps you gain ... Read more

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We need more leaders, not bosses

The value of a leader in any business can not be understated. If you and I were to start a conversation about your boss right now, what is the first ... Read more


Step up your Productivity Game: 12 top productivity hacks

When you think about productivity, what comes to mind? Perhaps it’s getting more done in less time, or finding ways to achieve better results with fewer resources. It could be ... Read more

Opportunity or Threat?

Shifting our perception toward conflict: Don’t run away, run toward it Are conflicts really a negative thing? Or should we change the way we perceive them? As far as I ... Read more


Assertive Communication: 9 Tips to Manage, not Control

In every aspect of life, professional and personal, assertive communication is important to success and happiness. Communication is a major concern for us all and it is in our best ... Read more

This is how and why you should claim control of your time

You can now manage your time more intentional by using one principle. Being busy all the time doesn’t mean you are getting more work done. On the contrary. Many things ... Read more

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8 simple ways to kickstart your self-confidence

Start with Yourself Self-confidence is more than just feeling good in your own skin. Self-confidence is an attractive skill to possess. We all want to feel confident, because self-confidence is ... Read more

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Your soul wants to thrive and grow

Powerful questions that help you find your why and craft a career that lights your fire “What lights you up?” Is probably the question I most ask my clients when ... Read more

NEW WORK: Rethinking the workplace

I didn’t want to close this year without publishing this article about how the way we work is evolving. The future of work is now a reality. Change is a ... Read more