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Self-actualization is about recognizing and realizing your potential, discovering your calling and pursuing it.

Often, however, fears and misgivings from taking the necessary step and pursuing our dreams.

But what happens when we don’t dare?

By holding ourselves in a professional situation that does not fulfill us, we block our own growth and satisfaction. Separate yourself from behavior patterns that prevent you from doing so.


Imagine how it feels to wake up in the morning full of anticipation for the workday. It’s time to muster up the courage and venture into new territory.

By following your heart’s dreams you can lead a fulfilling work life and continuously develop yourself.

You have the ability to turn your passions into a career path that fulfills you and motivates you to give your best every day.

Remember that it’s never too late for your own success story!

In the job lies our potential to realize ourselves

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From Meow to Yaaay!

Hi, I’m Clementina, your Happy Worklife Coach.

I help people break out of the hamster wheel and create a life that feels like your life.

As a Happy Worklife Expert, I help you create a fulfilling & successful professional situation.

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That’s what it’s about

in the dream job coaching

The search for the right job, your dream job, is one of the elementary components of job coaching.

The goal is to integrate you successfully and sustainably into the job market. With more ease and confidence to enjoy a meaningful – fulfilling Work Life.

Phase 1 :

Reflect on the past and

Your genius zone


Your zone of genius is your real superpower. It is what you do with particular enthusiasm and also with particular ease.

Here we will identify and release your hidden resources and abilities . But it’s not just about skills – we will work together on your values and work out your own deep motivation.

You will finally gain clarity about your zone of genius, which consists of your unique talents, strengths and abilities.

But it’s not just about uptrends. Together we will also identify and analyze previous crises in your professional life.

We will address your insecurities and dissolve blockages that may have been holding you back.

Prepare to rise above yourself.

Phase 2 :

Your successful


on the labor market

I will help you prepare impressive application documents, including an optimized CV or resume and a convincing cover letter or cover letter (especially important for the German job market!).

But it’s not just about presenting yourself well on paper. I also support you in how to search the job market from now on according to your wishes and abilities.

You will learn how to distinguish suitable from unsuitable job advertisements in order to find the ideal job match for you.

And when it comes to job interviews, you’ll be well prepared. Through practice interviews and intensive training, you will gain confidence and stand out from the competition. This also applies to salary and contract negotiations.

Are you ready to recognize and pursue your calling?

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5 simple steps

to success!

Create your dream career and lifestyle.

I achieved it my clients have achieved it and you can achieve it too.

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Here we will find out if we fit together and what I can support you with.

The chemistry is right, we get hands on and your transformation begins.

Together we design your very own action plan!

Let’s get hands-on

We implement the action plan step by step and monitor your progress closely.

Success measurement

We regularly review your results and compare them to your set goals. If necessary, we adjust your action plan to achieve the best results for you.

Are you ready?

Find out. The 30-minute get-to-know-you meeting is free of charge. So you have nothing to lose and can only win!

Yes, I am ready!

The 5 Ps of

Happy Worklife


The individual is always the focus and
is the protagonist of change.


It should be understandable that we should be able to recognise and develop our talents and gifts, apply them and develop them further in
our everyday professional lives.


What lights you up? Your why as the compass for change.


Awakening your passion. Passion as the main driver
and key to success.


Clarity as the key to career planning, to overcome inner
resistances and to feel
empowered. With a strategy for a successful
Happy Worklife.

Picture of the 5 P Framework

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Increase your chances of success with a resume review. Get a professional analysis and valuable suggestions for improving your current CV.

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Cover letter

Present yourself from your best side with the application
cover letter review. Gain the attention of potential employers and stand out from the competition.

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Job Interview

Through this results-oriented training, you will from now on be able to authentically communicate and convince your suitability for the job. Prepare for your success.

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The alpha and omega of a satisfied professional activity is the
Identification with what you do.

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