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Are you tired of feeling stuck in your current job?
Don’t let another day pass you by in a job that doesn’t inspire you.
Do you dream of a more fulfilling career that aligns with your vision and talents? Embrace your potential and let me guide you towards the job and career you deserve.

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in the right place, if…

You suffer from the Sunday Blues and you drag yourself from Friday to Friday to feel some joy.

You have numerous ideas but always fail to implement them.

You ask yourself if this is it or if there is more to you than the rut you seem to be stuck in.

You wish support in sorting out the question marks and making a clear plan out of them?

You finally want to focus on yourself and pursue your dreams. Self-realisation is important to you.

You no longer feel like constantly rummaging through the usual portals without structure.

You are new to Germany and want to start your career successfully, but don’t know where to begin.

Clementina Alegrett behind flowers

If you’re wondering if there’s something more for you than the rut you’re stuck in right now,

we should talk!

Because nothing is worse than just dragging yourself from weekend to weekend to feel a little joy.

You feel like you’re wasting your precious time with boring, pointless tasks? You want to focus on your interests from now on and finally realize yourself professionally?

I’ll help you find a dream job that suits you or create the career you love.

Happy and satisfied is only the one who has found his place and task in life.

Hi, I am Clementina,

Your Happy Worklife Expert

I came to Germany in 2014 and found myself in a frustrating situation in 2016: writing applications and finding a suitable job.

That was really a fight!

I had super qualifications, lots of work experience and even good German skills, but still my applications always failed. Frustrating, isn’t it? But in retrospect, I understood why that was:

First, my application documents were not very convincing. I had no idea how to set up a cover letter to create a WOW effect. (It’s a true art!).

Second, I had no clarity about what career path to take. I felt like someone stumbling from one job to the next, not really knowing what fits me and what I really want.

At that time, I would have very much liked to have the professional guidance that I offer today.

I have learned from all these challenges and am now here as a Happy Worklife Expert to support you on your career path and create a professional life that truly suits you.

More about me

Where do you stand and

what do you need?

You are looking for a job and don’t know how and where to start?

Your application documents are dusty and urgently need a refresh with wow effect?

Du möchtest Dich ideal auf Deine kommenden Bewerbungsgespräche, Gehalts- und Vertragsverhandlungen vorbereiten?

Dream Job Coaching

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Career Booster Coaching

More about Career Booster Coaching
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Your current job doesn’t make you happy and you feel stuck?

You have the desire to change professionally, but do not yet know in which direction?

You are planning your next career steps, but you are still missing a suitable strategy that fits your wishes and goals?

You have an activation and placement voucher (AVGS) from the employment agency or the job center and would like to become self-employed with your own business idea?

You want competent support during your first steps into self-employment?

You need support in creating your business concept, financial plan and business plan?

AVGS start-up coaching

Here I work together with the AVGS Coaching Team. In the free initial consultation we get to know each other without any obligation. If the chemistry is right, then you give the starting signal for your very individual coaching process.

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Happy feedback

of my customers

Clementina thoroughly enjoys coaching and helping people with their job or project search.

She is also a great mentor and coach, giving you the room and motivating you to get on with the challenge you are facing in your career change. Clementina does match you to your Dream Life Project, determining your goals and pitching the best of yourself! She is an expert in coaching job seekers on how to position themselves to be found by companies who need their expertise.
She also has extended communication skills speaking many languages. I appreciate that she is a great listener, creative and innovative thinker!

Paul D.

Web Developer

The professional coaching with Clementina was a valuable enrichment for my personal and professional development.

I learned to recognize and develop my talents from my strengths and weaknesses. Clementina is a wonderful coach and excels in authenticity, empathy as well as competence. With her, coaching can also be offered in German, English or Spanish. On the whole, I can recommend Clementina without reservation.

Samantha M.

Digital learning support

Working with her was definitely a great decision that has pushed me to trust myself and take action.

When I started working with Clementina I wasn’t feeling confident and I felt very disoriented career-wise. I wasn’t sure if I had any useful skills or whether I could put them to use. I had no motivation when applying for jobs. She helped me to get to know myself as a professional. We only worked together for about 3 months, during which we set 3 goals. I had been in Germany for almost a year and had no progress regarding my career. Now and thanks to her guidance and hard work I have achieved all of those goals we set up and WAY more than I thought I was capable of. She gave me many tools that I still use to this day.

Cristina A.

Chemical Engineer

I wouldn’t have gotten this far without you and our coaching.

I really wanted to give you feedback – because I got a job right after continuing my education.
Starting next week, I’ll be taking off as an online editor and writing articles for a travel blog. I’m really looking forward to this!!! I am so infinitely grateful to you for that. Thank you also for believing in me when I couldn’t.

Lena G.

Online editor

Clementina is a spectacular coach!

She goes out of her way to get to know you and finds relevant strengths that you yourself did not consider and are crucial for a successful job search, especially when you find yourself in a new job market. She is dedicated, attentive, full of new ideas and above all very experienced in her field.
I can highly recommend her.
She also speaks perfect German, English and Spanish; this was a fundamental part for me because we were able to communicate without any problems.

Helena W.

Hospitality Manager

Clementina is a passionate and engaging business coach.

She is able to help both individuals who are looking for guidance with their careers, as well as companies that need help with internal communication and conflict resolution.

S. John R.

CEO Tech

I am very satisfied.

This process helped me find the motivation to apply for the position I wanted. Absolutely everything we did was very important and very successful, because it led to the signing of a contract.

Julia U.


Thank you very much!

Through coaching with Clementina, I found my career aspiration.

Maria L.


Clementina is a great inspiring coach.

She helped me to both set and achieve my goals in a really easy going way!

Alkisti Z.

GIS Engineer

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What a coaching with me brings you

…and what you can look forward to!

Customized solutions

Every person is unique, that’s why I offer customized coaching sessions that are specifically tailored to your needs, strengths, weaknesses and goals.

light bulb

Comprehensive career knowledge

In-depth knowledge of the labor market as well as a wide variety of industries. I know which strategies lead to success.


Clarity and focus

Often the path to professional success is blurred and unclear. I help you to sharpen your vision and to focus on the essentials.


Proven methods

I will specifically and efficiently address your personal challenges. My coaching methods are based on proven techniques, best practices and frameworks. I know what approaches work best to advance your career.


Application Support

I will guide you through the entire application process – from creating an impressive resume and cover letter to preparing for interviews. I support you in every step of your application phase.

head with light bulb


You learn to recognize and use your own talent to act with confidence. I place great emphasis on empowering you and giving you tools to stay and perform with confidence for the long term.


Improved communication skills

Whether it’s networking with potential employers, working successfully as a team in your job, or presenting yourself, communication is the key to success. I help you improve your communication skills to communicate more effectively and authentically.


Work-life balance

A fulfilling career should not come at the expense of your personal life. I show you how to maintain a healthy work-life balance to be happy both professionally and personally.


High time saving

You no longer have to face all professional challenges alone. With my support, you will save valuable time that you would otherwise spend searching for answers, overcoming obstacles, and experimenting with different approaches. I will guide you directly to success and shorten your journey to a fulfilling career.

Wait! Here’s more

… for the quick help


Increase your chances of success with a resume review. Get a professional analysis and valuable suggestions for improving your current CV.

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Cover letter

Present yourself from your best side with the application
cover letter review. Gain the attention of potential employers and stand out from the competition.

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Job Interview

Through this results-oriented training, you will from now on be able to authentically communicate and convince your suitability for the job. Prepare for your success.

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